Upcoming Maga Auction events – Spink & Sons

There are a couple of good auctions coming up in the first week on October 2012 at Spink & Sons.

Spink needs no introduction and around 3-4 month ago I wrote a small post about them, when I first received their catalogs. I have regularly been going through their catalogs to improve my understand of the auctions that have happened in the past and have realized that some times, some really rare items which I have never seen before are listed for auction. I would like to make a special mention for the hand sketches which sometime are auctioned, are real pieces of art.

The upcoming auctions are:

  • World Banknotes – 2 & 3 October 2012; and
  • The George Kanaan Collection of Banknotes of the Middle East – 4 October 2012.

There are some more auctioned coming up but they are more specific to the English Banknotes. Catalog came be downloaded from the Spink’s website.

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