Philippines 1 Peso – Victory Overprint

Here is a very interesting note from the history of Philippines. This is a 1 Peso with Victory over-print at the back called “Victory Series 66”. This is an undated issue from 1944. The note is Pick # 94 of WPM. The note is in a good condition. An old piece of history well-preserved.

The ‘Victory’ note series was printed in 1944, to be used upon the return of General MacArthur. According to a BEP report the number 66 (for the series) was chosen because that was President Quezons age when he died just prior to the liberation of the Philippines. VICTORY notes were printed at the U.S. BUREAU of Engraving and Printing- the last Philippine currency printed by the US.

Replacement notes are indicated by a star prefix to the serial number.

The note was added to the collection in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in June 2012.


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3 responses to “Philippines 1 Peso – Victory Overprint

  • Homepage

    I visited lots of web site but I conceive this one holds something extra in it.

  • Wanda Johnson

    I have recently found this exact note in a property I inherited. Could u tell me what it might be worth. I stumbled on to your website doing a little research on it. I look forward to hearing from u. Now I’m really curious about it. Thanks

    • bnk

      Hi Wanda, Sorry for the really late reaction. I was busy with work and never realized I was writing a blog too. Send me a picture of the note if you still have it and I will try to give you some idea of the value. It all depends on the condition of the note.

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